Single Review//Soulganic - Wild Fire

We're hearing a lot of soul and funk music these days and when we heard Soulganic's latest single Wild Fire hit us we were suitably impressed...

A title like Wild Fire might evoke horn riffs that could funk up even the most seasoned    of music fans but on Charlotte, NC band Soulganic's latest single it's a tempered but never less than passionate fire that reigns supreme. Over a funky guitar line and subtle keys promises of providing a fuel to light a certain someone's fire wild are made and it's an experience somewhat akin to drinking the best coffee you've never tasted before. 

A strange analogy but let us explain! There's an organic quality to this song that really ingrains the strains of blues and jazz into the mind for long after first listen. If you could set the ideal scene for listening to Wild Fire we'd recommend an evening with someone special and the some serious soul! 

Review by Sebastian Gahan.

Check out Soulganic at their website:

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