Creative Watch//Soft Bullets - Posterity

" ‘Posterity’ is the captivating debut single from transatlantic duo Soft Bullets due out on March 11th. The single was produced by David Kosten (Everything Everything, Bat For Lashes) and is a rhythmic slice of synth driven buzzing indie electronica with an almost climatic stadium rock hook of “Don’t forget that you will rule the world” which is teased at throughout, and brought satisfyingly to fruition by the end.   

Soft Bullets formed in early 2012 when singer songwriter Christopher Wall (Bournemouth, UK) was introduced to multi instrumentalist Dan Capaldi (Portland, US) where they soon found a mutual interest in producing dynamic melodic soundscapes. Late in 2012 they released ‘Hyperreality’ a limited edition vinyl EP consisting of four tracks that offered ghostly harmonies and sleepy tempos that explored the boundaries between the digital and human world. "

The tonal warmth of Posterity is it's best point by far for us. Although it has echoes of kraut, indie and melodic pop the warmth is undeniable and the video takes this into account. The video features an unidentified digital artist playing the song in his digitised space. There's a warmth to the video as well with the vaguely comforting imagery sucking you right into the songs lifeline.

Review by Seba. 

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