Music Review//Apples & Eve - L'Homme (The Man)

Last year Apples & Eve made it into our top E.P's of 2012. Earlier this month they released their latest single L'Homme (The Man).

Brighton gypsy folk band Apples & Eve have asound that is lush. Listening to their previous E.P. you were struck by just how magical it was. The production was akin to a warm velvet cushion in the middle of winter and it was much appreciated. As they release L'Homme (The Man), extracted from said E.P, the mood hasn't changed.

The song has been subtly rejigged but the key elemnts that made it an eyes-closed listen remain. The instrumentation is first rate, subtle and and in turn magically produced. The vocals as well are still a key part of the sound. Listening to this song is akin to finding a pocket of beauty in the everyday grind of life and holding onto the moment as long as possible. Whilst romance is not something we'd normally want too much of a in a song  L'Homme (The Man) has it in large amounts. But rather than an overly saccharine ballad this has the mystery and class to pull you into it's world and make you never want to leave.

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan.

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