Music Review//Deptford Goth - Life After Defo

On a long dark evening of the soul there are many possible companions you can take along with you. Our reccomended choice were that the case would be music. Specifically the music of Deptford Goth...

The cover art of Life After Defo is perhaps some of the most descriptive we've seen in a long time. Hands held out high are symbolic of surrender, honesty and openness and the chalky pair of hands that decorate this record have a certain serenity about them. The music contained within as well is extremely likable, taking a serene opaqueness in it's production and haunting you with a sparse performance that brings a certain unearthly feel to the songs. 

There is barely a jump in your face moment to be found here but there are plenty of creep up behind you unawares ones. The songs are ambient, almost ethereal pieces of audio cloth swinging along to a gentle breeze and there's a dreamlike haze surrounding the music. You could soundtrack a solitary journey easily with the filmic pieces of music on Life After Defo and that's definitely a good thing. Highlights include Union, a mid point mind blower that shines with the intonation of the vocals and the chorus that makes a dreamscape you'll hard to wipe from your memory. 

Also worth enjoying is the electro wonder of Feel Real, it's tension giving a nice kick to the mix. There are no ear drum bursting riffs to be found on the album but it's the quieter moments that shine out like jewels in the landscape that draw you in. Feel Real is one but others include Object Objects and the excellent Lions. You can find parts of many genres on this record but in it's total it's an experience marked out by just how poetic and filmic it is. In your next moment of contemplation remember this. Life After Defo is a seriously rewarding listen for the patient, impatient and all music fans out there.

Words by Sebastian Gahan. 

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