Music Review//The Deadline Shakes - Boy

They say that time is a silent killer, each tick of that second hand a moment gone for ever. But the ticking rhythm of The Deadline Shakes' latest single Boy is not a killer in that sense of the word. On the opposite, it brings an affirmation of urgency to the song.

Although the opening chords are melancholic, the tick-tock catching the listeners ear immediately it's the chorus, part joyful shout part rose-posessed declaration, that impresses the most. It's often considered to be somewhat chilly in Scotland, in weather as well as in music, but that's a cliche that needs breaking up we say! In their single Boy, The Deadline Shakes have proved that without a doubt and we reccomend that you listen with ears wide open and receptive for some seriously soulful melodies and words that will ring true for many listeners.

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