Music Review//We The Undersigned - Activation of the Groove

If a potent mix of funk, rap, jazz and more is what you need at this moment then we've got the perfect remedy in the form of Liverpool Stankh collective We The Undersigned's excellent Activation of the Groove E.P. 

If we were betting types we'd hazard that the sessions for this much anticipated E.P. must have been seriously funky. We keep on saying that the band have a certain voodoo and on the basis of this fine collection of songs and hidden interludes it's something that we can't take back. The Funkadelic like cover art evokes the multicolored flavour of their stage presence and although the rawkous energy of their live show is somewhat contained naturally for this release it's fair to say that if you dislike it's very likely you don't have a pulse!

Being very familiar with their Stankh I knew exactly what to expect. But what I heard was familiar yet bewitching in that way only Funk can be. The interludes, very reminiscent of a certain Purple Yoda, bring the otherworldly magic of WtU to life effectively and the fact they're hidden makes them all the more stankhtastic. The cast of 15 funk warriors make a noise that can only be describes as funky and the influences alluded to in the sleeve notes, reggae, rock, funk, afrobeat, rap and jazz all show themselves over the course of the record.

Highlights include the spectacular Cosmic Warrior, bringing to mind the stage filling performance the band put on when performing it live easily and the reggae infused Drive Me Away. But in truth the whole E.P. is a delight to listen to and if you've seen the band live then you'll know that this can't fail to impress. 

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan.   

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