Music Review//Weird Menace - The Weird Menace E.P.

The latest release to come from the cassette loving folks at Suplex Cassettes is the self titled E.P. from Weird Menace, none of whom are from Dalston. Does that matter? Well, it's one of the few things known about the trio who produced this very listenable E.P. and as such it's useful knowledge...

The feedback tinged chords that open the title track are as doom laden as they coud be and it's a fine way to begin this tightly produced E.P. There is a tension to the music that suggests it was a memorable recording session yet everything moves along at a pace just behind urgent. Although there are some underlying themes in the music, such as the sparsely arranged melodies and bare bones production, you do get a good range of drama from the record.

if you were to see this in the live setting you get the feeling that it would be at a tightly packed, dimly lit and positively weird but thrilling vibe filled venue. Much like the styles it riffs off, the lo-fi production value and distortion filled guitar that often buries the vocals with a very punchy aplomb, works best on it's physical home of the casette. This is the kind of music you find yourself enjoying unknowingly, your chosen body part moving accordingly as you get into the deceptively rough arrangements. 

Our highlights include the quietly atmospheric Dark Matter, it's harmony vocals and rock chords reminiscent of the most potent underground club discovery. The angular production and straight faced kraut like melodies of Meano also impress, worming their way into your mind with a scary ease. All we really know about this band right now is that we like them and this subversive little cassette E.P!

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan. 

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