Once upon a time there was a world that didn't need announcing on social media. On the day that Twitter celebrates it's seventh anniversary the little blue bird that carries the social birdsong of the global community is rejoicing.

In the future, when the age of social media is well and truly in full swing we'll all look back and wonder just what people did before it's advent. Of course, the value of human interaction will never lose it's potent currency but the chance to peer into pockets of life in areas the other side of the world or even across the road if the fancy take you has proven to be a valuable social glue. 

But it's sometimes hard to work out just what social media is on occasion. If you're a social person keen to use up your word count  then it's perfect for that but it's in the merging of the social and the business world that the greatest fun has been unleashed. Marketing demands that people find out about the product and this is where we have loved social media the most.

Whereas Facebook lets users talk at length about their subject with no word limit, Twitter gives you 140 characters to play with and that's it! When we first dipped our toes into the blue bird filled world of Twitter we were initially not that enthused and after some occasional messages sent into the breeze we forgot all about it. But just as thoughts come and go we recently returned to the Twitterati and hope you'll all join us as we send our reviews, thoughts and other miscellanea out into the world. 

So check us out via the links below and we'll see you all very soon!

Twitter: @srczine  Facebook: Seba Rashii Culture Zine

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