Coffee & Creatives #3: Thom Morecroft

We continue our Coffee & Creatives Inteview sessions with the one and only Thom Morecroft, the ever talkative and entertaining musician with a serious love for "the wicked bean"... 

 Has coffee ever inspired you to write a song?
Most of my songs are written under the influence of the wicked bean, I’m afraid to say. I wrote a song a few years ago called “I’ll Drink You Like A Cup of Coffee”. Perhaps it’s due a revival?

What's your best experience with coffee?
My best experience with coffee was on Lark Lane a few weeks ago. I met this fantastic character called Mike, and went back to him and his partner’s apartment with some friends. They made me lots of coffee in exchange for singing to them.

What's the best coffee you've ever had?
Eli who lives near the Old Roan makes the greatest coffee in the world. No doubt about it.

What link is there for you between coffee and culture?
It’s the only drug that everyone walks down the street in broad daylight to. We make all kinds of decisions, and we say all kinds of things we’d never say because of it. That’s how it affects culture. Whilst tea is pure rainy, melancholic England, the aesthetics involved in English people drinking coffee are quasi-European and pseudo-American.  Where the beans come from is something else altogether.

Interview by Andrea McGuire.

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