Coffee Culture 2013

Last year, on the basis of a caffeine fuelled editorial meeting and much humour we dedicated one week to all things coffee. 

Being honest, we enjoyed it. Any chance to expand the reach of the Zine and expand on our already broad base is a challenge we relish and it was taken on with a caffeine fuelled passion. Any chance to get out of the office and into one of Liverpool's many excellent local coffee venues is seized at the Zine and so we're back with another tribute to our friend coffee and some extra special surprises along the way.

We'll be focusing on the key elements of creativity, supporting the local scene and of course coffee over the week so please look out for the daily features and interviews and make sure to share them with all the coffee lovers in your life! 

We firmly believe and stand by the commandment that titles this piece. Coffee and creation go hand in hand and we can testify just how much that is true. Of course, any beverage can go with creation but coffee has the history and edge to stay at the top of the list.

It's been a constant feature of society for many centuries and has seen much social upheaval attached to it in that course. But from it's roots as a simple black liquid for the chattering classes to it's modern boom as the economy brings more and more coffee venues in it's wake it's stayed a firm favorite. Why? There could be many reasons for it's popularity but as a bringer together of the people it's unmatched. 

Alcohol may stimulate cheer and dancing, perhaps also other negative associations, but coffee has little of the antisocial or negative factors about it that other habits possess. Coffee is a universal. Everyone from the lowest paid (and hardest working) employee to the richest members of society can access coffee and it's one of the few drinks that change based on the venue rather than the core ingredients. Of course, there is bad and good coffee and that's all down to taste but bean quality is the main decider in cost and the class system or fiscal situation rarely comes into it. 

But focusing on the themes we'll explore over the course of the Coffee Culture season   creativity is something we face everyday and quite often there's a coffee in there somewhere. At the heart of any creative community there is a place that the components meet and a cafe is the natural place. A perfect example is Liverpool's Mello Mello, a Collective run venue that includes a dance studio, rehearsal room and music studio in it's services as well as the ever popular bar offering various beverages including delicious Fairtrade coffee. 

The fact is that there's nothing like a well made, caffeine imbued beverage for stimulating one's creativity and that beverage is coffee every time! 

Words by Sebastian Gahan. Images by Coffee Commandments Inc.

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