Coffee Culture//"Coffee is the Artist's Nectar"

We asked some creative people including musicians and artists to describe their relationship with the beverage that forms the basis of this week’s features. Yes, the magic bean that is coffee can do much for the creative mind and as these artists will attest it's a magical substance!

“Coffee and me are in a long-lasting, very loving, yet a somewhat masochistic relationship. Coffee highs come with coffee lows – pleasure comes with pain. Be it the morning kick or the afternoon shakes,  that leaves your speech on fast-forward and your hands incapable of holding anything. Dear hot darkness of a beverage, if you are strong enough I’ll always be coming back for more.”

Ragz Nordset, songwriter and performer. 

“My relationship with coffee is simple- in exchange for liberating it from its packaging, I get to work at my best. It's like liquid dilithium, or garbage for the DeLorean, or even refined tylium if you're geeky enough to get the reference. Studio work, writing, arranging, composing and teaching are all much more difficult without a cup of the brown stuff.”
Luke Moore, songwriter, composer and performer.

"Tea in the morning is like a reassuring hand on the shoulder coaxing you to consciousness. Coffee (especially espresso) is a slap and a vigorous shake."
Tom George, musician, writer, poet and journalist. 

"Coffee is more than just a drink. Coffee is way of life, a way of thinking and being. When you sit down and drink the coffee that's just been made by the barista in your favorite cafe you are ending a journey that began with a seed sown in a plantation many miles away. The end of a creative journey heralds your own creative journey. Coffee is a pleasure for that and many reasons"
Seba Gahan, Seba Rashii Culture Zine - Editor. 

"I have a love/lust relationship with coffee - it gets me writing and pumped for rehearsal, but (nerd alert) the acid in coffee is very bad for vocal chords. So I'm not really supposed to have coffee - which makes me lust it all the more! And by the way, forget the gourmet Starbucksy coffees - I love the cheap stuff from the deli the best."
Sam Shaber, Musician at The Happy Problem

"Coffee. Sweet coffee. My mistress, my master, my night, my sun, my moon, my stars. Two sugars please."
Thom Morecroft, Musician. 

We've found out that coffee is possibly the ultimate catalyst for creativity after the other one from our musiing so far this week but our final contribution comes from the heart and embodies that warm feeling coffee gives us on even the darkest of days...

“Love = Coffee + Conversation”
Love Artuk

Gathered by Culture Agent #1. Images by Coffee Commandments Inc (top) and Love Artuk (bottom).

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