Music Review//Charlie Straight - I Sleep Alone

Charlie Straight is an artist that many more people should know about. With good words coming from many directions, love for their artistry is on the up and just to get in on the act we listened to their latest single I Sleep Alone, released on May 20th.

The opening chords of I Sleep Alone are possibly the most joyful thing you'll hear in the the first half of the year before the more sombre tones of Autumn set in. The four piece worked with producer Guy Fixsen to produce a sweet slice of harmonic excellence that is perfect for the sunshine that is now setting in. The chorus wonders sweetly aloud if an unidentified partner sleeps alone and if you had a song as good as this written about you you'd surely be doing just that as you wait for their return.

With a music video that features the band in monochrome with a split screen effect adding extra beauty to the metaphor of loneliness the song cements itself easily into the mind and is surely destined to be enjoyed by many.

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan.

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