Music Video//Texas - The Conversation

The last time Texas released an album of new material was way back in 2005 with the somewhat over polished Red Book which none the less contained some top material. Following that album there was a BBC Sessions compilation and a hiatus during which Sharleen Spiteri pursued a solo career and the band's guitarist Ally MacErlaine suffered ill health. But it's 2013 and following the aforementioned hiatus and some intermittent tour dates they're back with a new single and album, both named The Conversation.

The song features a return to the simpler production of their earlier albums with the familiar slide guitar making a return in the opening chords of the song. As a return after a hiatus away the song hits you straight away as a return to form and as many a fan must be saying, "welcome back Texas!" 

The video features one of the simple story structures that characterize the bands songs where Spiteri is observed by what appear to be non uniform police walking with a companion who gets more attention than he perhaps deserves as they search for a picture seen being taken by Spiteri in the opening moments. 

The album is released May 20th in the UK via Pias Recordings in physical and digital formats. 

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