Music Video//Polysics - Everybody Say No!

When we reviewed the new album from Polysics, the uniquely titled Weeeeeeeeee!!! , we said that it’s pretty likely you have no soul if it didn’t bring out some form of reaction in you. You’ll be glad to know that opinion hasn’t changed and when you put visuals with the music this band has been making for the last decade and a half something magical happens.  There’s a fair amount of that perennial favourite of the public, the humble traffic cone for a start. On the bands heads, lit up and run around and modified as an amp. Student cone napping this isn’t people! Cone customisation is the way say we! Watch below if you don’t believe us. Or even if you do. We never lie about cool stuff. 

But the music itself is the most important thing and this song from the aforementioned exclamation of joy that constitutes the album title Weeeeeeeeee!!! (Count the e’s and exclamation marks) is a nice bit of sub anarchic fun. Everybody Say No is the buzziest, most upbeat protest song you’ve ever heard and for that alone it’s a winner. Now let’s get this song played at every rally in the world and start a new movement!

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