An Artist is Worth a Thousand Words//Anna Di Scala - Fine Artist.

You may have heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. But what do those thousand words talk about?

The possibilities are of course endless and dependent on the view point of the person looking at it. But one thing that many art admirers neglect to include in those thousand words is the creative visionary behind the image. That is, the artist who created it.

The first time you saw your favourite piece of art all manner of aesthetic, social and personal factors pulled together to make you fall in love with it. Often though the name of the artist is not one of those factors. If you are a collector or fan of a particular artist you can still like one piece of work more than another but at first sight, the anonymity of the masterpiece is something profound. You may not know the name of the artist but its bold colours, unique shapes or curvature may pull you in to its zone.

When you meet the artist in person you may have certain preconceptions or ideas as to how they will look, what they will drink or even what perfume they wear but rarely is a precept accurate. In the case of the subject of this article, fine artist and oil painter Anna Di Scala the precept is at once true yet somehow different. When I first Anna it was an exhibition in which we both had work but it was her that I encountered first as opposed to her art. Instinctively though I knew she was an artist and on later viewings of her exquisite work I began to recognise that my instincts were correct.

Just as when I met her paintings before her own person, her work is a passionate yet tasteful exploration of the body’s erotic power with portraits and nudes exuding the same exciting feel of seeing something genuinely different. There are many artists in Liverpool and this could cause a certain blasé when hearing that the person you are exchanging cards with is an artist but Anna Di Scala is unlike the regular artist in the city, with ambitions that stretch beyond the city’s more exclusive galleries. With a following across the world and sales to places as far flung as America, Italy and beyond, her scope is wide and deservedly so.

If enthusiasm is a marker of success, then coupled with her constant creative ethic of sketching, painting and more she is undoubtedly an artist worthy of much more than being on bedroom wall, where her work sits perfectly by the way. Her work will command its own presence in your abode with eyes constantly examining it in appreciation. With her work having appeared in venues as diverse as Manchester’s Italian Embassy, Liverpool’s The Gallery, View 2 Gallery on the world famous Mathew Street and solo exhibitions at the city’s 3345 bar and latterly The Attic in the same venue her work is in demand. With shows planned in London and Tokyo she is surely moving further down the route all artists should travel.

A self trained painter, beginning her oil paintings in early 2000’s, and accomplished sketch artist it is rare to meet an artist so free yet professional in every sense. To describe her work without seeing it before you is surely doing it an injustice yet the stories and quotes attached to each piece are as interesting as the pieces themselves. Her regular shows bring advances in visitors and fans alike and especially her exemplary technique.

If you are interested in Anna Di Scala’s work please look at her online gallery and please consider purchasing a commission or print for that special occasion. 

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