#essential2013 on Seba Rashii Culture Zine: The E.P’s

It’s been a very good year for music. So much so that we had a very difficult time putting our #essential2013 features together. But, after much listening, meriting, coffee drinking and adventures in music land we picked ten of the best E.P’s released in the year of 2013. Of course, there was much more we could have added but that is the way of these things. So behold, readers, our #essential2013 best E.P’s! (Click through via the sleeve art to see our review)

10/ Weird Menace – Weird Menace E.P 

9/ We The Undersigned – Activation of the Groove 

8/ Freedom Fry – Friends and Enemies E.P

7/ The Dead Good – Thirteen Polaroids

6/ CFCF – Music for Objects

5/ Silent Cities – Eigenlicht

4/ Virginia Wing – Extended Play

3/ Ragz Nordset – Sleepdancing

2/ Us Baby Bear Bones – What Starts With A U Ends In An I

1/ Novella – Murmurs E.P. 

Compiled by #srcz (With thanks to all the artists for adding to the enjoyment of 2013.)

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