#threshold14 // An Interview with Natalie McCool

Threshold has come round again and this time it’s even bigger than before. With The Baltic Triangle occupied by robots, street art retro-futurism and more besides, there is just the music left. Following a triumphant appearance at 2013’s festival, we once again welcome Natalie McCool to the stage. The official Threshold blog took time to ask the artist herself some questions…

1/ Hi Natalie, you’re once again playing at Threshold Festival this year. How does it feel? 

It feels great – I had a fantastic year last year and I’d like to continue the good vibes with this one!

2/ What is it that makes the Threshold experience a special one?

There is just so much on – a lot to see and do. I love Threshold because when I was starting out in my career it gave me a platform to perform very early on, and the festival is still giving great opportunities to budding bands and artists now - which is not how a lot of festivals operate. I was really excited to be given the chance to perform, and that excitement grows each year!

3/ In terms of your own work, it’s been a busy last twelve months or so for you. What have been the highlights and what can we expect in the future?

The highlight was releasing my album and doing a 4 track live EP at Abbey Road – both great experiences. I have some great news for the future which will be revealed very soon. Keep an eye on my Facebook page for more updates.

4/ Your most recent album has gained a lot of appreciative ears. What was recording experience like for it?

Steve Levine (Grammy award winning producer who recorded & produced the album) and I recorded the album over a period of time, which really allowed me to grow as a songwriter and performer, and also gave us space to find my sound. It was a truly great experience and the album tracks are the fruits of that experience.

5/ The Liverpool creative scene, as evidenced by the wide selection of artists on offer at the festival, is on a high. What is it that makes the scene so exciting to your mind? 

It is exciting, as a lot of great music is coming out of Liverpool, and continues to do so. There must be something in the air! I think everyone is so close knit and supportive and at the end of the day I think that is the key.

6/ Which local bands have caught your ear lately? 

There are so many, but right now I love Broken Men, Låpsley, Henry Pulp, Kalandra & Silent Cities, who I think is the most underrated artist on the scene

7/ What can we expect from your Threshold appearance this year? 

I have been working on some new material this year, but for Threshold I’ll be playing mainly the tracks from my debut album - so it will be really brilliant to give them a fresh boost on stage.

8/ There will lots of robots at the festival this year! Who is your favorite robot?

DefinitelyWeebo from the film ‘Flubber’. He’s just so cute.

9/ Over the four years of the festival so far, what has been your highlight?

Playing my cover of ‘Wondrous Place’ at the event for Paul Du Noyer at last year’s festival. 
 That was amazing!

10 / Finally, why is it important to support you local music scene? 

Because when you are starting out, the people who are behind the scene are the ones who will support you the most, and you never forget that support, it stays with you for the rest of your career.

Words and Interview by Sebastian Gahan.

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