#threshold14 // ROBOTS WE LOVE... WALL-E

Who is he?

The eponymous star, of Pixar’s 2008 sci-fi rom-com.

What does he do?

As well as loving old musicals and cleaning up an abandoned, junk ravaged planet Earth, WALL:E has developed sentience and collects useless trinkets and falls in love with the cold, lady robot EVE. A beautiful space ballet between the two is enough to melt EVE’s circuit boards and the pair bring mankind back to Earth.

Where would he be found at Threshold?

Trying to clean up Jazamin Sinclair’s Warhol inspired exhibition based on squashed discarded drinks cans.

WALL:E’s favourite thing at the festival?

The “Beauty’s Perception” project interactive walkthrough looking at the changing perceptions of beauty through art, poetry and music. Hand-in-robotic-hand with EVE, of course.

(Andrea McGuire) Image: PIXAR Studios. 

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