#threshold14 // Venues We Love: The Nordic Church

Previously a venue for 2012’s festival, 2014 see’s the beautiful Nordic Church once again join the ranks of iconic festival venues on offer this year. The furthest out of the Baltic Triangle venues but also one of the most distinctive, the Nordic Church is an excellent venue for many sorts of events (as any church should be) and make a perfect home for some of Threshold’s offerings this year.

#srcz says: “The Nordic Church is a hidden gem in the line up of this year’s Threshold Festival that you should seek out for sure.  With a history of being a festival venue previously it is blessed with a line up to impress…”

What’s happening?

Friday: Rock Formations feat Alpha Male Tea Party, Waking Aida, Kusanagi, Singapore Strategy, Stems

Saturday: Mish Mass feat Silent Cities, Operation Lightfoot, Be Your Own Banana Theatre Company (BYOB), The Mezzotint, Threshold House Band: Vanessa Murray, Oxtoby,Mersey Wylie, Kate Hazeldine, Donna Lea, Alx Green, Alexandra Jayne;
Matthew Kerr, Moxie

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