Music Videos of the Week #3: Die Antwoord, John J Presley & Aphex Twin.

Die Antwoord – Pitbull Terrier

The reception to Die Antwoord’s newest video Pitbull Terrier has been largely that which greets Vegemite. That is, extreme love or extreme dislike. Whatever the intention, it’s hard to deny that any of their videos are hypnotically entertaining and Pitbull Terrier is no exception. Did I mention it’s a slight bit NSFW?

John J Presley – LEFT

The new video from John J Presley is monochrome, under three minutes in length and rather good. Watch it!

Flashback Favorite // Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy

One of the m0st famous music videos ever for its sheer scare factor it’s still effective al these years later. The lesson you might learn here? Don’t let your dog pee by junked televisions. Oh, and the simplest video’s can be extremely effective.

#SRCZ – Culture is everywhere…  

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