#SRCZ Music Review // White Sands – The Wait EP

White Sands features members from three bands we love. Namely, those bands are Male Bonding, Novella & Mazes. It may be an obvious thought, but you really can hear the influences of those bands in this short but sweet EP...

Title track and opener The Wait is the first taste we had of the band a few months back and it’s a generous sampler indeed. With an addictive guitar reverb leading the way alongside the semi-spoken vocals that drive the song along  it’s a strong opener indeed for the release.

It’s companion tracks are no less impressive. Expect Nothing jigs along at the pace of a rain shower in Brighton and features a darker undertone. The best part for this reviewer is the breakdown and fuzzy guitar work there in that keeps the listener to attention with a perfect ease.

But for the finale that is Years, things are amped up considerably with a psych fuelled intro pleasing the ears almost immediately. By far the longest track on the E.P. it’s also the most pleasing changing pace  and speed frequently and showing what the band can really do.

Taken as a whole The Wait EP is possibly one of the strongest we’ve heard this year, full of the nervous energy and grey skies of a band that knows what it wants to say and does so with plenty of strings broken in the process. Most notably, the limited edition physical edition release on flexi disc with a Zine designed by the band is another great reason to snap this up! If you like your music well put together and you like a presentation package that is very readable then make sure to check out this excellent EP.


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