New Music // Argonaut- TV

When Argonaut released their self-titled album in late 2012 we listened often. So much so  that we looked forward to their new material. No sooner than the end of 2014 comes upon us and they have a new single on the way in the form of the catchy grunge tinged anthem of TV.

“You Don’t Need A TV / All you need is me…” goes the chorus and it’s a catchy (and true) statement indeed. The song is a great reminder of why we loved their art influenced first album and bodes well for the next release.  In fact, the band is urging us to turn off our TV’s for a No-TV Day on the day of the singles release on November 24th. “Make it a day to sing, dance, paint, read, talk and listen to music…” says the bands Nathan Lyons.

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