Preview // Top Reasons To Join The Circus: The Secret Circus @ Parr Street Studios [04/12/14]

WHAT does entertainment mean to you? Perhaps it's an evening at the pub watching the match, a night out on Wood Street with the usual suspects, or even nesting in your game-haven flat for the whole weekend... well for some of us, entertainment is a Circus.

We just can't make up our minds; our attention spans are constantly updating: a symptom of our generation's over-exposure to quick, limitless information perhaps? I can't even watch a film all the way through anymore - I have to pause in intervals to practice juggling, stab out a riff, or start another movie. It's not ADHD, it's 2014, and we're bored! BOOOOOOR... !!

As if in answer to our nightly howls, artist extraordinaire Chanel Samson has conjured up the answer, in collaboration with Eve Howlett of Carrot Club Promotions, to give the 'secret circus performers of Liverpool and it's supportive cult audience a night of their own at least once a month. We accept all the freaks and hope to make it a night of entertainment and true friends.'

This means Music, Magic, Spoken Word, Dance, Burlesque- and, AT LAST, some god damn Fire Juggling! That's some-!

1. Hot S@#% Right There!

Photography: My Boudoir

Fallen Angel's Petra will be juggling fire - and aside from the re-opening of Viva Brazil, Liverpool, this bright spark has performed at no less than Burning Man Festival, Nevada! Fire performers are universally cool, and in the theatrical interior of Parr Street Studios, Petra is sure to put on a show that'll leave you tingling all over. I will stop making fire puns soon, I can already feel myself burning out…

As if it wasn't getting hot enough around here, burlesque dancers Mimi Amore, and Cece Sinclair will be tickling your sensibilities with some beautifully choreographed dance. Head to Mimi Amore's website for a teaser if you've not been able to convince your partner to join you already!

Rachael Mellor, and Maria Angelica Andreassen are also set to deliver some wicked Dance straight into your soles... Good god I have to stop with these puns... after this-

2. Abra Kadabra!

Magic man David Alnwick isn't just a top magician... yes, magic. YES, MAGIIIIC- Mr Alnwick will have you clowns firmly by the balls with his magnificent stage presence. After watching him rock the mic at Edinburgh's Fringe Festival (which you can see HERE), I am under no illusions - Alnwick will be one of the brighter sparks of the evening, and if you miss him, I'll spend the rest of the night laughing in your face.

Think I'm tricking you? Check out The Skinny's Fred Fletch in his wonderful review of David Alnwick: Totally Ninja.

3. The Music, Man

 Airtight, The Good Host are rich in experience; a trait evident in their wealth of instruments, time signatures, harmonies, and most prominently, content. Front man and composer Jason Baxter has a gift with words - lyrics that don't just tell a story, they beckon your ear to explore their meanings. A very fitting event for such a theatrical big-band, seeing TGH alone would be worth the trip down on a Thursday night!

Norwegian artist Nils Martin will also be joining the stage - a new one for me: but that's what these nights are all about! New experiences-

4. Write Now!

'No poet will ever take the written word as a substitute for the spoken word; he knows that it is on the spoken word, and the spoken word only, that his art is founded.'
- Lascelles Abercrombie.

And thank you Google for that little gem!- Spoken Word artists Jake Demon Hawkes, and Tom George have more than a few words for you, and I for one am getting extremely impatient for my next word-smithery fix. Not since hearing rumours of The Wild Writers have I been so excited to hear Liverpool's Spoken Word culture exhude their gorgeous lexis all over the stage.

What would you rather hear come Thursday 4th December; the two-toned gargle of another football commentary, or a multi-verse of lyrical genius at The Secret Circus?

5. It's Where Everyone Will Be...

Because, seriously, why on this shining Earth would they be anywhere else, short of a medical emergency? And even then, it'd have to be a f*%@ing shark attack or something…

Every city has it's attractions; but there isn't a night-club, local pub, warehouse, basement party, hotel room, back-alley, restaurant, street act, or jam-packed-gig in LIVERPOOL that could hold one measly candle to what The Secret Circus stands for. Freaks, geeks, and psychos - it's time to shine.

(J.C.B. Crawford) 

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