#SRCZEssential2014 // EPs of the Year 2014

It’s the time of the year when we start to recollect what went on in months past and what may well happen when the haze of another New Year commences once more. We’ve already revealed the albums that kept us entertained the most during 2014 but now it’s the turn of the humble E.P.

5 / White Sands – ‘White Sands EP’

This lovely little EP from White Sands (made up of members of #SRCZ favourites Novella, Mazes and Male Bonding) was released on very cool limited edition flexi disc with a zine and the more modern digital download earlier in 2014 and it’s still one of our favourites. Listen to ‘The Wait’ to find out just why…

4 / New Years Day – ‘Epidemic’

It’s not often we dip into metal but that’s not to say we’re averse to it. In fact, when we heard Defame me from the Epidemic EP we were instantly ear pricked. Heavy, gothic metal with shades of electronic and big choruses that work abound on Epidemic.

3 / Courtney Love – ‘Wedding Day’ / ‘You Know My Name’

It’s always a pleasure to hear new music from Courtney Love, (It doesn’t happen nearly enough to our minds) and this double A side is a good start in getting more. With her often underrated lyrics and delightfully grunge-pop sound on both tracks along with that trademark scream and the epic guitar delights of Wedding Day we loved this. More please!

2 / Science of the Lamps – ‘Candela E.P.’

We love lamps and we also love science. But on a more musical note, we love Science of the Lamps. The Candela E.P, launched in the unique surroundings of the Williamson Tunnels, a noted Heritage site in Liverpool, is three tracks of sophisticated pop that is sure to get you gently scatting the melodies of the songs on your commute. The delightful Id-Pop of Superhero Me is our highlight, but the full listening experience is recommended.

I / Us Baby Bear Bones – ‘Ursari’

Shortly before the release of Ursari, Us Baby Bear Bones announced the news of their ‘regeneration’. As a final record it certainly goes out on a high, retaining its wow factor many months down the line after myriad listens. Produced by Blood Red Shoes’ Steven Ansell, the dynamic and often hard edged sound of the songs works perfectly. Whatever happens next, we’ll be listening… 

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