Preview // Ash and Joe's ThresholdV Dirty Dozen

There's no escaping it – ThresholdV is set to be the unmissable event of the year. Sadly, since losing our court case against the Space/Time Continuum to add more hours into the Earth day, myself and fellow Scribe, Ash Turner, have combined our shopping lists for this year's Threshold Festival in an effort to decide who to see before the festival begins. This year.

1. Nubiyan Twist (Joe's Pick)

You just can't miss Nubiyan Twist – there's 12 of them!Threshold's Friday night line-up at Constellations is going to be one of the best events this city has seen in light years! If you were at District last year to see The Destroyers, you'll understand my urgency to get to this stage... Celebrating in their album launch on 30th March, Nubiyan Twist will be bringing in the crowds come 11pm for one big, killer set! Event details here!

Kalandra (Ash's Pick)

After a stomping year for the Liverpool based sextet, Kalandra return to bring us their unique and irresistible Nordicana infused Rock. With a folk-rock soundscape you could drown in and the truly outstanding vocal performances from Katrine Stenbekk, any time spent with Kalandra is a mesmerising experience.

2. The Fire Beneath The Sea (Joe's Pick)

Another mammoth-sized band, both in numbers and talent, The Fire Beneath the Sea are just the right temperature of Reggae, Knees-Up Balkan, Hip-Hoppin' Funk that you need in a super-band. Packed to the hilt with talent (which includes off-spin killer-duo Lyons and La Zel), The Fire are gonna burn in your veins for days to come!

Hedge Gods (Ash's Pick)

Sat in Siren this time last year I had not yet had the pleasure of knowing North Wales' premier "analogue dance band" Hedge Gods, little did I know they would quickly become one of my favourite acts to perform at last year's festival. The eccentric three piece provide highly energetic and genre-bending acoustic stylings from up tempo gypsy jazz, ska and polka through to hip-hop and funk orientated grooves that are guaranteed to get you dancing.

3. The Mono Lps (Joe's Pick)

Rock n' Roll with a cello – sold! The Mono LPs' well-deserved successes in recent months is all down to their airtight delivery and originality. Playing the Rock Factory Stage on Friday, the Mono LPs just sound MASSIVE – if that isn't a good enough reason to check out the stage, how about this right here?

Lyons & La Zel (Ash's Pick)

Certainly one of the more unique acts in the circuit at the moment, Lyons and La Zel bring a truly homegrown talent. With little more than a pair of microphones, a guitar, and a eclectic musical spirit this duo bring footstomping beatboxed beats and more that a touch of swing soul. Though faced with the task of being this year's opening act, I have no doubt that Lyons and La Zel will bring a warm and charming cheer to start the weekend in style.

4. The Good Host (Joe's Pick)

Theatricality and genius-level Lyricism are powerful agents indeed. The Good Host are a big-band with an infallible stage presence, a line of incredible original tunes, and a gift for bringing their audience into their world. Singing songs of darkness in a jaunty light, The Good Host are, in fact, my favourite Liverpool band of all time.

Mr. Woodnote (Ash's Pick)

Stumbling across Mr. Woodnote many years ago on youtube in a collaboration with Aussie beatbox artist Dub FX, I was instantly captivated by the simply delicious, echo-soaked saxophone licks of this talented multi instrumentalist and composer. With vocal beats, a worn old sax and the enigmatically wonderous Akai digital woodwind instrument Mr. Woodnote is a one man powerhouse in his own right... but it gets better as Joining him this year is none other than Dub Mafia commander and lyrical wizard Eva Lazerus! This strikes me as a wonderful and calculated collaboration not to be missed.

5. DROHNE + Natalie McCool (Joe's Pick)

Yes, I've cheated and added two bands – bite me. After experiencing Natalie McCool's collaboration with Silent Cities for their 'Daydream' Single Launch, I'm struggling to keep the shakes down at the prospect of McCool with GIT Award Nominees DROHNE. Promising to be a spectacular gig (in a yet undisclosed location – look for the clues outside Unit 51!), you can bet I'm gonna Drop Everything to get to that stage on Saturday night.

Science of the Lamps (Ash's Pick)

Festival organiser, electrifying songstress, and all round queen of Threshold Kaya Herstad Carney fronts her troop of troublesome troubadours for another year at Threshold. With a vaudeville swing, razor sharp lyricism and boundless talent, Science of the Lamps never fail to bring a smile to my face and a certain swing to my heart.

    6. Grace Hartrey (Joe's Pick)

Attending The Good Host's open mic at The Other Place Bistro last year, I encountered a radiant talent by the name of Grace Hartrey. Within 10 seconds, I was head over heels with signature tune Kings and Queens, and cannot wait to see Hartrey bask in the credit she so rightly deserves! An outstanding talent with an addictive voice, you can find me lying face-to-the-ceiling getting my fix at Unit 51, Saturday, 18:00pm.

Silent Cities (Ash's Pick)

Simon Maddison returns on the back of the release of the wonderful Daydream collaboration with Liverpool vixen Natalie McCool to bring his unique blend of masterful guitar looping and sensational vocal talent. Although often described as Buckley or Bon Iver-esque, I think any comparison does this charming one of a kind songwriter a disservice.

Also, (7, 8, 9...) (Joe's Picks)

I'm cheating. I'm cheating, Ash, and there's nothing I regret about it. I live as few men dare to dream.

Honest to god I have no idea what to expect from this lot – but look at them! My kind of psychos! Sunday at The Observatory, 22:30pm. Your guess is as good as mine...

The stage is going to be EXACTLY how it is in Scott Pilgrim when they play the song, Threshold. I mean, come on! How are you going to miss this? The Twitter-banter between these two excellent bands has been fuel enough to witness the carnage!

No, it's not music, but Threshold isn't all music now, is it? There's Performance, Industry, Visual Art at the Craft Beer Space, and oh yes- The Nerf Gun Battle. Having a Nerf Gun Tournament in the middle of an inner-city festival is joyous enough, but I am personally looking forward to wiping the smile off of David Alnwick's face when I pull off my twin-barrel-triple-roll-quad-shot death move in our one-on-one.

It's too hard to choose really, but if there's any advice I can give you about navigating through the bustle of the Baltic Triangle festival, it's to click 'Going' to every event. That way, when it pops up on your phone, you can decide where you want to scoot off to next, or whether you're happy basking in the noise right where you are! Catch you this weekend!!

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