#SRCZ Music Review // Axel Flóvent - ‘Forest Fires’ EP

If there’s one good thing about EP’s it’s the immediacy of them. Over three or four tracks an artist can plant the seeds of fandom and gather new listeners at the same time. This new EP from Icelandic singer-songwriter rarely sounds like it was recorded in the middle of a snowfall in the middle of nowhere but it would certainly be a good companion if one were to be in that exact situation.

The fresh production adds an attractive sheen to the record, drawing the listener in with a beautiful ease. The artist, based in the tiny Icelandic town of Akureyri, has an intimate yet immediately captivating sound and, and makes the most of the four tracks on the EP. We get the beautiful title track, steeped in acoustic warmth and full of reflection and harmony it really is a good beginning to the record. Some moments of icy piano and light guitar shine in their stark simplicity and that’s only a good thing.

The highlight of the EP though is Beach, it’s intimate, campfire session vibes working their magic almost instantly. You can almost imagine the sound of burning wood and the image of the flames as the beautifully melodic chorus gives way to the surprisingly raw mid section of just gently plucked guitar and icy piano strokes. 

As a whole, the ‘Forest Fires’ EP is a warming to the soul as its title suggests and in its individual moments  there is much to treasure as well. Keep this record for those long Winters of the soul when a warm melody is just what you need to get by.


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