New Music // Operation Lightfoot – Chains (feat. Sophia Ben Yousef)

Operation Lightfoot have returned with a new single Chains, co-written by and featuring Sophia Ben Yousef as special guest artist. Take a listen to the sweeping, cinematic track below.

The release of the track marks two years since Operation Lightfoot began recording their ongoing series of collaborations that have featured a diverse range of artists including Vanessa Murray, Kaya, Frankii Phoenix, Jo Bywater, Lauren Walker & Mimi Amore. 

“Sophia is an exceptionally talented performer and she’s been great to work with”, says Operation Lightfoot’s founder and artistic director Luke Moore. “When we were co-writing, we decided to incorporate some influences from North Africa and the Middle East. The result is a pretty dark piece of music that shifts from haunting intimacy to cinematic grandeur”.

The song has been co-produced by Luke Alexander Hodgkinson, who has been an ongoing contributor to the project since it launched at Threshold Festival in 2013.

Chains is available from 27th October from Bandcamp. Operation Lightfoot’s next performance is at the View Two Gallery, Friday 27th November, performing several of their collaborations as special guests at Liverpool Acoustic’s Songwriting Challenge Final.



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