Review || Mondegreen - Change E.P.

The live music scene is one that produces magic and very often it doesn’t translate into recorded output. The indefinable magic that embodies Mondegreen’s live output is very evident on this E.P and it’s certainly a good idea to listen to this release carefully. 

If you cared to look in a dictionary of your choice you’d most likely discover that a mondegreen is defined as ‘a misunderstood or misinterpreted word or phrase resulting from a mishearing of the lyrics of a song.’ This aside, much can be taken from the warm trio of introspective songs on the record. Opener Sometimes is an addictive, quietly-noisy earworm with the familiar harmonies in place and a highly inspirational and highly listenable chorus. Impressively, it captures the live sound almost exactly and makes the track feel all the more intimate.

Title track Change is a distinctly Ani DiFranco like personal plea to the listener, an urge to take action sooner rather than later to make that unspecified change. It’s a darker track, possibly the darkest of the three here but that’s all for the better. Closer Unsung Hero has an acoustic malevolence that is icy and warm simultaneously and it’s a listen that certainly translates to many repeats.  

As a whole the Change E.P. certainly fulfils the wish for more recorded material from this always excellent trio. (Make sure to check out their previous release Small Towns)  What shouldn't be misinterpreted is just how good a listen this very literate and somehow liberating music is. Seriously, listen to it very soon!

Change E.P. is released May 18th.

(The Creative Eye)

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