Coffee and Words: Coffee Commandments (Triple Shot)

If you’ve ever been party to the drinking of a triple shot coffee you’ll know what a heady experience it has the potential to be. Working on the artwork to accompany many of our Coffee Commandments has been as heady journey as well. Ideas flowed like hot mail into the proverbial espresso and we’ve distilled many words into our work. With an upcoming show we thought it appropriate to share some more of our commandments with you. They say that coffee is a way of life in the manner that it creates pockets of time in your existence that become memories and with these simply formed yet picturesque words we hope to create many more such moments.

“The distillation of love is an espresso well made...”

“Like time, coffee waits for no man...”

“Coffee can be enjoyed over conversation, a magazine, a journal, a sketch or a thought and that is what makes it unique...”

“If ever you desire peace think of coffee’s scent...”

“Caffeine runs through the veins of society like long boats in a Venetian lane.”

“An espresso is the courage of saying little but meaning a lot.”

“The coffee bean makes no judgement it merely awakens the senses...”

“Before you speak ill words of coffee, consider its journey from the earth to your cup...”  

All words (c) Anna Di Scala and Seba Rashii Culture 2012. All rights reserved.

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