Music Review//J.A.M. - Jazz Acoustic Machine

When J.A.M. announced the release of their third album, once again a riff on the bands name in the form of Jazz Acoustic Machine, many ears raised in the office at Seba Rashii Culture. Can they top the excellence of their previous two release? Only a listen can truly tell...

The true taste of Tokyo, where the band are based, in found in it's visuals. The flashing lights of the skyline, the cool yet warming breeze of the autumn nights in the city are all referenced in the songs of this album. When the band performed a set at the city's Spiral Hall building in Omotesando recently it was the perfect space for their pin sharp perfect melodies and the hued tones of their output. In turn this album is, simply put, an experience akin to a nothing.

Whilst the bands parent group Soil & "Pimp" Sessions are a raucous musical treat, the music presented here is cool and collected. Piano melodies lilt over drum lines as sensitive as a heartbeat and bass lines to savor like the best wine. Nowhere is this more evident then on one of the albums highlights Sing Without You, appropriately the lead digital single from the album. Similarly, Quiet Wave adds a wall of synth to the cool modern jazz setting and it's a listen that evokes images of the city that only music such as this could come from. 

The albums title also comes into play with the acoustic instruments and drum programming on many of the tracks complementing the music superbly. Liquid Street is one such song that utilizes the drum machine and it's an exercise is superb playing and super relaxed listening. If you love slow jazz with a distinctly modern edge then Jazz Acoustic Machine is an album much recommended!

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan. 

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