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On a precipitous Saturday night in Liverpool's Baltic Triangle we became Official Lamp Scientists for an evening for the launch of The Science of the Lamps new E.P. in the crisp and comforting setting of Unit 51 coffee bar and a further mystery location you'll be aware of if you were there. 

The Baltic Triangle is a buzzing location and on a rainy evening an array of Lamp Scientists (as the stamp placed on entrants hands said) descended on the recently christened Unit 51 in Baltic Creative. It was here that the first part of the evening took place in dimly lit but relaxed style as the venue welcomed a good crowd in for the nights musical joys. Thom Morecroft opened up the proceedings with his acoustic musings on life and it's intricacies and a highlight was Space Cat Man, dedicated to a recent loss to the Liverpool music scene. 

Morecroft's good humored words in between songs set the perfect tone for the evening and the ball rolling for Kalika to continue the good vibes with the trio's warm sounds including a trilogy of songs on love and a rousing cover of Piaf's La Vie en Rose that really had the assembled crowd awed. But once Silent Cities set to the mic with his funny voices, dark sense of humour and gloriously silly asides he had the eyes of every person in the room. 

Opening his second song with the rarely heard cautionary advice of " Let me know if I make you jump off a bridge..." in reference to the gloomy content of his work, he set  the perfect tone for serious sounds. The songs may have been dark tales of life but the interludes were the opposite. In fact he reminded somewhat of what would happen if you mind melded Russell Howard and a great musician together in both his appearance and mock hesitant asides. After leaving the spotlight it was time for him to "get drunk" (his words, not ours!) and the Usherettes to usher us to the final secret venue for what would prove to be a spectacular show.

As we found ourselves at the side door of Elevator Studios, we were greeted by yet more be-feathered Usherettes and fine berried cordial as we made our way up a narrow staircase to our destination, Ioisis Dance Studio. The entrance was one that was obviously carefully planned for it's visual thrill, with music from accordionist Helen Maher and aerial performances greeting us as we entered. With the studio decorated in a warm style of a French bourgeois den and absinthe on sale the only thing missing was the the Science of the Lamps.

But after a half hour of settling into the soft seats and soaking up the ambiance of the atmosphere the entrance of the band was announced with the strains of Jim Morrison  singing Alabama Song, - "Oh show me the way to the next whiskey bar.." - as the band (with added Usherettes for tonight's performance) filled the performance space. This was a bigger prospect than the paired down line up I'd seen previously and well worth  the evening.

Beginning with the perfectly be-feathered introduction of Mr Agony then moving onto the Miles Carrington dedicated 27 Club Reject the music was instantly bewitching and perfectly matched the meticulously planned setup. As the evening progressed we heard the songs from the E.P as well, the punning but beautiful Duckling Hell replete with a string section headed by Luke Moore, Secret of Oriion once again captivating with it's string section and the rather excellent Superhero Me.

It would be a definite understatement to say that this gig was an event to be sorry you missed. All those present can smile and say that they saw something truly exciting on an otherwise rainy evening. Anything else you can blame on the absinthe...

Review and Image by Sebastian Gahan.  

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