Single Review//Argonaut - More Life

For many people the early nineties grunge scene is a special period. The themes and songs it produced resonate still today and the sound of Argonaut is similar to the best of that time. With clear sonic links to Courtney Love and Garbage it's a refreshing listen.

The opening chords reverb with the darkness of early Hole and the quiet flushes of guitar add a calm malevolence to the song. fans of grunge will be in clear territory here and the song is an instant like, it's slow burning production seducing the listener into the bands sonic world perfectly. Listening to this reminded me of hearing Garbage's Vow for the first time. Each part of the song a step in a journey onto the dark side of life.

The line "I want you like/ One just isn't enough" sets the scene perfectly and when the almost painfully restrained chorus kicks in and the vocals coyly announce "I want more life" like some musical vampire it's an atmospheric and perfectly restrained listen that impresses. 

Revies by Sebastian Gahan. 

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