Album Review//Andy Allo::SuperConductor

When we saw the bewitchingly cool video for People Pleaser we knew that Andy Allo was one to watch. Already a talented individual in herself this album boasts collaborations with Trombone Shorty, Maceo Parker and the musical powerhouse himself Prince, who also Executive Produces the album. Find out how we reacted below...

When you take pure talent and add more what do you get? On the basis of Andy Allo's second album SuperConductor something highly impressive. The additional talent we talk of is of course Prince, Executive Producer, collaborator and co-writer on three key tracks. And when you listen to the album you can hear the sound of two masterminds plotting some serious funk. Opener Superconductor is a perfectly formed slice of cool, with Allo expressing a desire to be loved by the titular superconductor. It's immediately obvious it's a Prince co-write, from the melodies and the lush chorus and it's frankly an introduction that could threaten to spoil the album in it's excellence.

But true to the promise, this is followed up by the addictive People Pleaser, featuring legends Maceo Parker and Trombone Shorty. It's beat by beat intro line is a great ear catcher and Messieurs Parker and Shorty show their considerable skills from the off set. But the main mention should go to Andy Allo, who in the presence of legends makes this her own. On the basis of this the people she'll be pleasing are many satisfied listeners! As the album continues we see some darker shades ensue, with a quieter tone for Long Gone and The Calm. 

Both are nice counterpoints to the opening  duo of funk epics but one of the true highlights of the album for us is If I Was A King. With it's powerhouse funk and truly Allo voice it's surely destined to become a classic. A regal marching beat gives way to a vibrant bass infused listen that you can't help but repeat. But in all honesty we could be this rapturous about every track. This is an organic, positive energy infused album that seriously gives the listener something to think about. 

Prince may have Executive Produced this record, but Andy Allo stamps her style all over it. In a word, funky!

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan. 

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