On The Scene::Culture Scene 2012 Review

It's been a long and fruitful year and it's almost over. We've listened to E.P's, albums, singles and seen music live as it happens and had a pretty good time while doing it. We've explored dark galleries, visited Occupy camps and much more besides. As with anyone in our line there's always a list to be made so check out our highlights of the Liverpool scene in 2012. (Click the images to see more highlights) 

January saw the closure of the behemoth venue CUC and we asked permission to take some pictures of the building before it shuts it's doors. With permission granted we proceeded to wander those often sadly quiet halls that have seen much magic in their time. We presented some of those images in our Photographic Essay piece. Have been to many events and performances here we were genuinely sad to see the place go but the photographs certainly do the venue justice. 

February saw the highlight of the year, the labyrinthine Threshold Festival at Camp and Furnace and surrounding venues and as official blog of the festival we enjoyed producing our daily reviews of the moving, shaking, drinking and joy of the event. It's rare to break a pair of shoes in the documentation of an event but that we did as well as marvel at aerial performance, a mass of musicians and endless plethora of happenings. 

March saw Lost Properties bejewel a former passageway to an underground car park on Renshaw street in the most urban and artful way. The Lost Properties crew, including Liverpool Art Prize People's Choice winner Tomo, created an evolving exhibition of work that was amazing in it's breadth. Possibly the best exhibition we saw in 2012, words enough can't describe how good it was. So check out the pictures in our
On The Scene feature to see how good it truly was!

April saw us celebrate UK Coffee Week with a weeks worth of features based around the best beverage that a barista ever made freshly for you with love. We debuted the Coffee Commandments series, of which more will be heard in 2013, and profiled local groups and venues including Jelly! Liverpool and Bold Street Coffee as well as the brew itself. 

May saw a slew of activity including the Liverpool Art prize, from which we interviewed eventual winners Tomo and Robyn Woolston, Notable other events included The Skatellites perform a pretty funky show at O2 supported by local band We The Undersigned and celebrity artist Todd White sell out a show at Rennees gallery. But from here is where it gets better as the sun comes out to play...

June saw The Big House launch their debut single Canyon Home in the Sun at a packed Kazimier launch party and Africa Oye hit it's 20th with a relocated celebration due to that dreaded muddy field event organizers hate. The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy Radio Show Live also impressed as the cast reunited for 'the final time ever'.

July saw us away from the confines of the city and in heat of Tokyo. Of course we did and saw a lot but we enjoyed especially the urban art of the centre, the tax paying domestic Starbucks branches and their cinnamon rolls, a vast load of local music and shows at various galleries. A vist to the mammoth Tokyo Sky Tree also had us cranking our necks. There is no such thing as a holiday here when there's so much fun to be had!

August saw us take in shows such as the impressive The Blinking of an Eye at Tokyo's Spiral Gardens, Montana Paint Shop and Gallery (also in Tokyo) and others. Albums from Sauna Youth and Alanis Morrisette also impressed as well as new releases from Katie Herzig.

September saw a wealth of fun including the seventh season of Doctor Who, the excellent play Living with Macbeth at Liverpool's Unity Theatre, the Liverpool Bienniel commencing with style and albums from The Soft Pack, Stealing Sheep and underground Liverpool band Windmill Moth Glue. 

October saw Death Grips leak their follow up to The Money Store, the excellent No Love Deep Web to instant downloads in the millions. Needless to say, we reviewed it. Red Dwarf also made a triumphant return for it's tenth season and we loved it just as much as the original series. In fact, we loved October point blank with a slew of good releases and Halloween as well!
November saw a collective sigh of relief as Obama was welcomed back into the White House and music fans rejoice everywhere that the funk was still in the White House. Elsewhere Cold Pumas released Permanent Malaise to our enjoyment and Japan's The Gazette debuted their Visual Kei sound in the UK. We also reached our thousandth post in style and enjoyed Andy Allo's SuperConductor album immensely. 

December saw gigs from Thom Morecroft and We The Undersigned, the latter taking over the O2 Liverpool with a Stankh invasion to inspire. It also saw an intimate gig from Neil Campbell and Friends at St Georges Hall, Liverpool. We could barely watch as The Killing trilogy ended with a bang and much hope for a relent from it's creators for an answer to what happens to our hero. 

It's been an excellent year and as the curtains shut we'd like to thank everybody who's helped us, inspired us, furthered us in the quest and enjoyed the Zine. Next year will be bigger and better and funkier than ever! Special thanks to all those who have been involved with Creative Watch Area, our fledgling events group. 

See you in 2013! 

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