Album Review//Mazes - Ores and Minerals

So hands up who doesn't believe that diamonds are forever? Whatever the stance you take, it's clear to us that Ores and Minerals are a better companion with music such as is found on the album of the same name... 

Mazes, much like imagery behind their name, make music that takes you on a journey. By sheer coincidence, the day after a gig they played locally, I took a tour of  the venue and saw the run times poster still displayed. after hearing this album I found myself wishing I'd been there. 

The music is playfully experimental and despite these tendencies it's never an impediment to it's enjoyment. Opener Bodies, for example,  is the longest track on the album with an outro that extends itself perfectly into a mini guitar frenzy. From here on in it gets shorter but no less sweeter as the album moves into a mellower, Velvet Underground like territory.

The title track takes a remarkably Kate Bush like opening segue and becomes a melodic, indie film score like song not forgotten soon. Other highlights include the downbeat Delancey Essex, with it's bass line carrying the song along perfectly. The reverb Bite, with it's psych guitars and melodies that bask in a warm yet understated production, also sticks to the brain. Jaki's stormy melodies and  fuzzy sea shanty like vocals also impress duly, adding a further veil of mystery to this already excellent album. 

But overall it's the psych influences and small sonic touches that mold the atmosphere on Ores and Minerals and when the guitar breakdown on Skulking kicks in you find one if the albums finest moments. Definitely an album to get into and fast!

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan. 

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