Music Video//Andrew Wyatt - And Septimus...

How long is the longest microphone chord in the world? Such questions we don't have the exact answer to currently but we can suggest someone who might. That person is Andrew Wyatt, who wields just such an object in the duration of his latest video 'And Septimus...'

Andrew Wyatt - And Septimus... from Downtown Records on Vimeo.

With a whimsy that charms the various people he meets in the video (and the listener) Mr Wyatt makes his way from a rather nice abode across town with the mic he plugged in still in action. There's a nice line in cheeky whimsical humour here that brings an extra dimension to the proceedings that otherwise could have felt too gimmicky. But it's video's like this that make the video itself an important art form - where else can you get a long mic chord?!

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