Why We Love...// DIE ANTWOORD

The common reaction to one of Die Antwoord’s music video’s is something akin to ‘What the fuck?!’When their most recent video came out, sneaked out onto Noisey like the proverbial prawn, the shit-filled threads of YouTube were awash with similar sentiments. But, we suspect, that was the intention all along…

For almost every other comment was in the positive vein and good music is always the most divisive; Indeed, we at The Zine like the kind of band that feature insects in their videos a la I Fink U Freaky. We also like the kind of band that produces music that is on the face much more complicated than it seems. Yes, Yo Landi and Ninja are many things to many people, both good and bad – perhaps just a weird fad but where else are we getting music (and videos) with as much imagination and production flair as theirs? Often, indeed, with Ninja directing or co-directing they are weird, bizarre and often downright menacing. But they are freaky and we do like them a lot.

Ninja, often seen bare chested and scowling, menaces perfectly whilst Yo Landi is already iconic – her Zef inspired bling a hot with many, Indeed with a menacing sexuality and less than statuesque height she has quickly become an instantly recognisable figure. The mysterious DJ Hi Tek also plays his part, producing the beats on his “PC computer” to perfection. One of his most notorious appearances is in the song Fok Julle Naaiers, when an appropriation of Mike Tyson’s many catchphrases suggests he’s going to “fuck you in the ass” and if you’ve seen the video you’ll know just of what we talk!

But why are these three cool freaks so instantly likable? Well, it could be the fact they’re rapping in Afrikaans or it could be that they are so utterly unique in their style. As some are prone to disbelieve, these guys are apparently completely different in real life and it’s the creation of musical aliases that makes the music so brilliant. If this was a real situation it’d be tabloid level fodder but as a very cleverly constructed piece of performance art it’s gold – from the role switching to the personalities they have forged it’s no wonder something in the water did very well…

Words by Culture Agent #1.
Photography by Roger Ballen. 

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