MixTape//November 2013: Darkness Falling Like A Curtain

The world is never just the same as it was a minute or even a second before. As November commences its slow descent into the depths of Winter we find our rhythms dimming and the darkness we try to hide from coming out of the cracks. For this edition of the #srcz MixTape we decided to mix those feelings of cold and reflection with the internal warmth that grips us as the season sets in as it does in our part of the globe. A cerebral journey starts with some atmospheric ambient pieces and segues into darker, rockier territory filled with all the drama of the dark skies that we walk below…

Artists include Gareth Malone’s Voices choir, Moby, The Space Lady, CFCF, Recondite, Novella, John Parish, Sofie Jude, Death Grips, PARLOUR and David Bowie. 

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