Music Review// Letters To Fiesta – Aphorism

The moment you switch on your device and listen to Aphorism – from Manchester band Letters To Fiesta is a defining one. If you have something to do – don’t hit that switch until you’ve done it. This is music that needs attention from every sense. Sound is a given, of course but this music conjures images in the mind stronger than any amount of drug could and has the added bonus of being totally legal.

Some have used the much uttered name of a certain island dwelling inventor of 50 words for snow that is Kate Bush and you can hear her influence most certainly here. Letters To Fiesta though are not getting too verbal about icy precipitation, they are creating stirring musical landscapes that evoke the very same gorgeous images in the mind’s eye.

Opener Tears Apart is a tribal beat infused slap in the face that feels so good you want to listen more than the traditional once and forget. The soaring, ethereal vocals and warmly embracing synth melodies are used to great effect and ensure that only the most cynical of listeners could avoid the full experience of Aphorism.

Tetration takes industrial beats and gothic electronic melodies and wraps them neat little midnight black choruses. An over the top description you’re thinking? Take a listen and we’re sure you’ll agree black-heartedly! But not everything can be perfect surely? Well… Aphorism is listen that stays with you in the best way.

Listen to this music on midnight bus, watching the lights of the city flash by or on a twilight walk and it will truly come into full effect. Highlight include the atmospheric, Grimes like Infinity Call. A quick glance in the nearest dictionary defines an aphorism as a ‘definition of an original thought’ and on many occasions there are very listenable ideas and thoughts both sonic and visual flying about like seeds in a dandelion storm.

On occasion there are arguably too many ideas vying for attention but when they form music as picturesque as that on Aphorism that is but a minor quibble.

Reviewed by C. Agent.

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