Music Review/ Prince – Da Bourgeoisie

It’s been a good year for Prince with downloads, digital E.P’s and even video on the internet for all to enjoy. Of course, all this has often come in the guise of secrecy and darkness. The demo for this single came out via a cryptic leak via the 3rdeyegirl Twitter account and was available for but for a few hours.

Soon afterwards a new song appears on the official webstore – and it’s the final studio version. This is Prince as you want to hear him, funked up and snarling with added horns and words that can carve a very funky ice sculpture. The seemingly odd cover art is explained in a rather pointed message via our friend Facebook defining chameleon thus: “Definition of a chameleon: a changeable, fickle, or inconstant person.

The demo and the final studio mix are not too much different, with the added Hornz (note the z!) bringing a slight difference intone to the final mix. But we get the message loud and clear, a woman has annoyed the Purple Yoda and his wisdom is being dispensed. It’s easy to tell from the mentions of ‘the bearded lady at the cabaret’ and some often misinterpreted references to ‘the dirty world’ that this is funk fuelled revenge statement.

Similarly to Eye hate U or Dig U Better Dead this is Prince with a bite – and although it’s good to hear his collaboration with 3rdeyegirl and the jams this is the sound you want from the man who could make a dozen five star records on a whim if he was ever really bothered enough to do so. Breakfast can definitely wait – this is the meal you want!

Reviewed by C. Agent.

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