New Music Sampler // Blue Tapes – Sonic Blue Two

The inbox of #SRCZ fills with music submissions at a fast pace, but one that caught our attention is this free sampler mix from boutique cassette based label Blue Tapes. Utilising the most natural of gifts given to human beings, the voice, it features experimental sounds from a variety of artists on the label. Said artists include Katie Gately,Whitney George, Prayer, Guzzlemug,Thank You, Merciless Onlookers; EyeSea, Plains Druid,Tashi Dorji, Eugene S. Robinson and leedian.

Listening to this sampler reminded us of sitting in an underground basement café in Tokyo, surrounded by the scariest and perhaps coolest people you’ll ever meet in a dim light flooded room. We’re sure you’ll agree…

Make sure to check out Blue Tapes as well! 

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