#SRCZ MixTape // Stuff We Like In Random Order (其の一)

Welcome to #SRCZ! The random flow of life can occasionally be frustrating but as the days get brighter, and sunshine attempts to crack the hard shell on society in general and make them that bit more nicer it’s time to think about that most magical of activities. That is, listening to music with no clear plan of action. Just hitting random and letting whatever beats will emanate from your device take your fancy just like that! Some random listening from trusted sources is always a good bet as the year begins to work its magic on your life. Take a listen to this MixTape featuring just a few of the sounds that have attracted our ears recently…

Featured artists include: ドーグフード買い犬部, Candy Darling, Freedom Fry, Judith Hill (complete album featuring Prince). Stealing Sheep, XUXA Santamaria, She Drew The Gun, Brusing, Young Juvenile Youth, EX COPS and Silent Cities with Natalie McCool. 

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